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Safety Around Electric Wires

There are so many types of wires in our lives that we tend to take them all for granted. Wires bring electricity, television and telephone into our homes. Most of the time, these wires are strung up on poles where they are safely out of the way. Sometimes, for varied reasons, these wires end up on the ground. There is one basic rule to remember if you come across a downed wire: STAY AWAY AND DO NOT TOUCH!

All wires and cables on a pole, including telephone and cable TV wires, could become energized under the right conditions. Usually when an energized power line hits the ground it blows a fuse or trips a breaker. However, under some conditions, there might not be enough current flow in the ground to blow the fuse or trip the breaker and the power line will stay energized while lying on the ground. STAY AWAY AND DO NOT TOUCH!

A popular misconception is that power lines are insulated. They are not. Even lines with what appears to be a black rubber covering are never to be considered insulated for personal protection. These coverings are to protect the wore from damage, not to protect you. The only real insulation from power lines is distance. That is why they are way up on poles.

If you see any wires on the ground, contact your cooperative as soon as possible at 605-673-4461 or 800-742-0085. Warn others and keep them away. It is important to teach children this simple rule: STAY AWAY AND DO NOT TOUCH!

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